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Mr. John Lees Ampiah



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A natural builder and developer of businesses for over 26 years. Mr. Ampiah leads overall operations at Leespa. He has been making the utmost effort to develop the most advanced methods of IT, transportation, real estate, insurance, construction and industrial companies in the world. It isn’t every financial president who can shift gears to help lead his dedicated team of experts thru the chaos, while pushing small companies to grow and large companies to become partners for a better world. In the 90’s Mr. Ampiah initiated a program to assist Ghanaians abroad to build businesses for easy transitions back home. He is a strong leader in the global strategy and an effective leader in a variety of settings and companies. Additional areas of expertise include but not limited to are as follows: Strategy, vision, and mission planning, Sales & Marketing leadership, Public relations and media affairs, Policy and procedure development, Team building and motivating staff to their peak performances, Deals with complex issues, takes actions and drives results. Mr. Ampiah holds a Business and I.T. Engineering Degree from Colorado Technical University, Program Degree from Media Link School of Computers, Diploma for Electronics Technician from Cape Coast Technical Institute. He has settled with his wife in the state of Ohio. In his spare time, Mr. Ampiah enjoys reading, listening to music, swimming and spending time with his family and friends, but above all he loves being a father. Mr. Ampiah is a Visionary whose motivation comes from helping others by creating businesses involving them. He believes that people are critical to the success of business.

In 2005, Mr. Ampiah established Electrobox Global Systems Ltd with his partners in the United States to export large quantities of desktop computers and laptops to Ghana. He partnered with the universities and JSS and SHS to build IT labs and computer tech workshops. Today youths in Ghana can compete with youths in the developed world in IT due to his establishment.

“Work hard in SILENCE let SUCCESS make the noise.”