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Alfred Akainyah


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Being a Hands-on leader, Mr. Akainyah has perfected the art of accompaniment in guiding teams to successfully accomplish varied tasks. His visionary skills set him apart as a skilled team leader, and his ability to take ownership of group work is exemplary. Although change is perceived by some people as challenging, this leader has an effective way of creating buy-ins for new tasks by introducing novel ways of approaching and effecting change. Through action, he communicates positive energy around any task at hand. A strong believer in the “let’s get it done concept” Mr. Akainyah’s friendly disposition creates a great working atmosphere for persons of all levels. He communicates well with people, and has a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Mr. Akainyah sees managing conflicts, communication issues, and group consensus as important components of leadership. This is a leader who is quick to seek out and embrace new adventures, creates a busy, but pleasant, atmosphere in which all stakeholders are focused and involved in long-term goals.

Approach: Matches people and resources with greatest advantage, Initiates and implements complex arrangements for events, meetings, etc., Knowledgeable and sensitive to protocol, and the complexities of group relationships, Discusses and considers all ideas and points of view when others differ rather than force decisions on others, Builds a strong network by continually making and maintain personal relationships, Uses people effectively by drawing from their personal interests and engaging them in specific conversations