Our Sectors



All across Africa, there is the problem of human and vehicular traffic. Lack of efficient transportation systems and infrastructure results in massive losses to businesses and governments. Leespa is solving Africa’s transportation problems by investing in road and rail transport infrastructure. The Leespa transportation initiative leverages success stories from around the world for the improvement of existing systems in African countries.


Construction And Real Estate

Housing deficit in some African countries is as high as 50%. Demand for affordable housing remains on the surge across the continent. Leespa, through its gated community project, is bringing relief to the citizens of Africa by constructing affording residential properties in urban and peri-urban areas. By extension, Leespa is also addressing a very fundamental need of the market.


Financial Services

Africa has one of the lowest levels of financial inclusion globally. Inadequate capacity is among the reasons why of many of the players in Africa’s financial services sector are unable to reach a huge fraction of the populace. The high level of financial exclusion leaves so much opportunity to be tapped into. Leespa is leveraging investors around the world to reach the “unreached” masses of Africa with innovative financial products. Focus is on in insurance, banking and portfolio investments products.



Africa still exports virtually all of its raw materials abroad for processing- from agricultural produce to minerals. Leespa’s industrialization drive aims to process raw materials from Africa into finished and semi-finished products for export and for domestic consumption.

health care

Health Care

Ultra-modern specialist hospitals chains to curb the spate of African having to seek medical attention abroad for critical ailments. These facilities will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment’s and manned by very competent world-acclaimed medics. The Leespa hospitals will depart from the regular health facilities and will be accessed largely via memberships. Leespa Health Insurance will also be introduced as a hybrid scheme to cater for Leespa health service members and acceptable at our health facilities.